Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sissy's Birthday Ice Skating Adventure!

Alyssa's Birthday wish this year was to go Ice Skating! 
So we grabbed a friend and headed to Kissimmee  to find a rink!
The interesting part was trying to get the skates on!

We are not "professional" ice skaters and so...We all needed a little help!

Aren't they cute?

It was much harder than roller skating, but it was lots of fun.

Sissy invited her friend Jessica to go with her. 
Jessica is really good at ice skating, unlike the rest of us.

Detto was good at posing...

I love that he has no shame acting crazy just to make us laugh!

 Silly Kids!

So sweet! 

We all had lots of fun! I even got out on the rink for awhile!  

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